34% Of Remote Workers Say They’d Quit Before Returning to Office

A new survey on remote workers claims that more than 34% would quit before returning to an office, marking a significant moment in attitudes toward traditional work environments and remote working itself. 

That means that close to one in every three remote working professionals say they’d rather quit before returning to an office environment. The numbers come from a survey that took responses from more than 1,000 working professionals in the U.S. 

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Headlines of the research from Robert Half includes the fact that just under half (49%) of respondents said they much prefer a hybrid working environment. Those respondents said that their perfect work environment involves time in the office, as well as the ability to complete their tasks remotely, from home, a cafe or a public park. 

Those working professionals did, however, point out that there are a number of risks involved with moving to a permanent hybrid or remote working environment. They said that if they were to make the shift, there are several problem areas, including: 

  • 28% said that relationships with coworkers and management could suffer 
  • 26% said they think they would be less productive while working from home
  • 20% said they were fearful of losing the chance to advance their career opportunities due to a lack of visibility while working remotely

New research from Robert Half shows employees’ ideal work environment and feelings about returning to the office full time.

Respondents of the survey listed a number of priority areas they believe management teams should take into consideration as workforces make a return to the office. 

These areas of consideration include management making a commitment to:

  • Providing the freedom to set preferred working hours 
  • A personal, distraction-free working environment 
  • Employer contributions for commuting costs 
  • Relaxations of dress codes 
  • Employer subsidised childcare 

“After a year of drastic change, many business leaders are eager to restore a sense of normalcy and welcome staff back to the office,” said Paul McDonald, the senior executive director at Robert Half. 

“But reopening doors will bring new obstacles for companies to navigate. Not all employees will be ready – or willing – to return to the workplace, so staying flexible and responsive to their needs will be critical.” 

“Regardless of timing, companies should take a measured and carefully planned office re-entry approach and keep employees’ health and safety top of mind. Leaders should also use the opportunity to solicit staff feedback to shape corporate culture for the future,” McDonald concluded. 

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