645,000 Federal Vehicles to Become Electric Under Biden

645,000 Federal Vehicles to Become Electric Under Biden

U.S. President Joe Biden has announced that 645,000 federal vehicles will be replaced with 100% electric vehicles as the country looks to a more environmentally sustainable future underpinned by a zero-emissions fleet of vehicles.  

Environmental concerns have been a focus of the new Biden administration, with recent announcements that the United States will rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, as well as a massive investment push toward renewable energy. 

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These pledges have been strengthened by the announcement that Biden would be making the fleet of more than 645,000 federal vehicles 100% electric.

In a recent address, Biden said that “the Federal government also owns an enormous fleet of vehicles, which we’re going to replace with clean electric vehicles made right here in America, by American workers creating millions of auto worker jobs.”

“Together, this will be the largest mobilisation of public investment, procurement, infrastructure and research and development since World War Two.” 

It’s expected that the Federal fleet’s transition from traditional internal combustion models to new electric vehicles will come at a cost of $20 billion. 

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As it stands, the US Government has a Federal fleet of more than 645,000 vehicles. Around 250,000 of these are civilian vehicles, 175,000 are military vehicles and around 225,000 are used as post office vehicles. 

Few specifics have been confirmed by the new administration, other than the initial commitment to transition this fleet of 645,000 vehicles to 100% battery electric vehicles. Biden did, however, add that his administration is aiming to create more than a million jobs for the embattled auto manufacturing scene. 

He says this will be made possible by strengthening the “American auto industry, domestic automotive supply chains, and automotive infrastructure, from parts to materials to electric vehicle charging stations.” 

President Biden has stated his intention to create more than 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations, as well as investing more federal money into the research and development of EV technology.

It’s estimated that just 3,215 vehicles currently on the Federal fleet of vehicles are electric vehicles. The General Services Administration says that the majority of the fleet consumes up to 1.4 billion litres of petrol each year, at an expense of $4.4 billion to the taxpayers each year. 

Running and maintenance costs of electric vehicles are widely known to be less than their internal combustion competitors. 

A spokesperson for the General Services Administration has said that it is “committed to exploring opportunities to leverage the purchasing and leasing power of the federal government to address the climate crisis, including greening the federal fleet.” 

“GSA currently manages over 224,000 passenger vehicles in its fleet to support the Federal Government’s mission. By leveraging clean energy vehicle technologies, GSA will support the President’s climate goals, while working with the next American automotive manufacturing industry to ensure that these next generation vehicles are built in America by American workers,” the spokesperson concluded. 

645,000 Federal Vehicles to Become Electric Under Biden

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