A Beginner’s Guide To ISO 27001


What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognised certification standard that deals specifically with the security of data. When you are ISO 27001 certified your business proves that it complies with risk management practices and is capable of protecting the information it’s in possession of.

These policies and systems are used to not only reassure your clients and employees their data is safe but also to improve your systems and policies within your business. As more and more companies are collecting and storing sensitive data, either from their customers, employees, or business partners, the ISO/IEC 27001 certification becomes a must-have in any industry to gain credibility and trustworthiness. 

In addition, another reason why businesses feel they require to be certified is to apply for tenders. When a company signs up for certification with us they will be able to use their membership certificate (valid for 3-months) to attach to their tenders. 

How Can I Become ISO 27001 Certified?

A great first step is to do some research by checking our free YouTube content on ISO Certification. This will give you an idea of if certification is the right step for your business. 

Your next step is to ask yourself who will be responsible for implementing your systems in your business. If it is yourself, it’s a good idea to purchase a copy of the international standard. This will be your guidebook. 

From here, you have two options: 

Option 1: You sign up for our online training academy. Through these self-paced, online courses you will gain the skills of understanding, implementing, and improving your business’s Management System and provide you with the framework to get certification-ready.

If you sign up for certification with us within 12 weeks of joining our training academy we will credit the value of the ISO starter bundle towards the cost of certification. The obvious value of this process is you build the system most relatable and relevant to your business within the framework of the ISO standards – you own it and will drive the continual improvement of the system also.

Option 2: You can pay an independent consultant to set up the systems, policies, and procedures required to gain certification. This is arguably a quicker process, however, is the more expensive option. If you’re interested in learning more, head to Next Practice Business Coaching.

Once your systems are in place use our Gap Analysis Checklist, to check if there are any gaps within your system.

From here, you’re ready to do your Stage 1 Readinness Assessment where our assessors take a look at your systems and policies to make sure it’s ready to go for the Stage 2 Certification Assessment. Each year for 3 years you will do a surveillance assessment. This is a great opportunity to see where you can improve and to update us of any changes that may of happened within your business.

To set up a Google Meet to have a chat about certification for your business and to receive a quote call us on:

+61 1300 402 602

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Summary of ISO 27001 Benefits

  • Strategically manage your cyber security and risk
  • Create a competitive advantage and be a leader in your industry
  • Avoid negative publicity from a cyber security breach
  • Avoid unnecessary costs of fixing a cyber security breach
  • Ensure customers and employees feel safe when their data is in your possession
  • Increase customer confidence and show that you care about your customers’ data

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