Building Brand Awareness on Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a new social app using the power of voice to create open discussion ‘rooms’ of similar minded individuals. From a brands perspective the platform can be used to build your audience to expand your brand awareness and engagement.

Any user can listen and nobody can record, it is literally “drop in audio.” Using Clubhouse is like walking around a party, or an event conference. You can hear the live conversations of others, and/or join a conversation that you find interesting.

This technological advancement in social media focusing on voice app technology allows individuals to communicate and discuss topics they would not have had the chance to prior.

“The lack of friction, the walkie-talkie nature, it feels like you’re sitting around a dinner table,” commented influencer Gary Vaynerchuk .

If you’re a marketer or business owner, this presents an amazing opportunity to establish yourself or the brand you work with as a go-to resource and promote products, services, or events.

Opportunities to share your brand story or your founding story, connect with customers, get product feedback, run impromptu focus groups, and generate marketing awareness are ready for the taking on Clubhouse.

Since the value is in your voice, you can make an impact by asking thoughtful questions, providing expert insights, and sharing lessons learned to encourage others.

The app is one step further from podcasts; creating real time, raw and unscripted conversations on any topic with people from all over the world.

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The app is currently invite-only, with each new user able to allocate a selected number of invites to whomever they choose. That’s helped to further boost the hype around the app, with those who do have access enjoying the exclusiveness, and those who don’t eager to join.

The key brand benefit is sharing knowledge and insight via the various discussions in order to increase community connection. Clubhouse rooms currently have high levels of engaged, active users.

Furthermore, the likely evolution of the app will be advertisement options; from branding rooms, buying relevant products through the app, branding and internal linking ect.

Clubhouse opportunity gives everyday people access to those they normally wouldn’t have met otherwise. The platform is a great opportunity for business owners to build engagement and awareness for your brand, and maybe learn a thing or two.

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