Can an Individual be ISO Certified

ISO certification can be a great way to achieve checks and balances. Without internationally recognised standards, achieving quality and consistency in industries would be challenging. ISO certification helps maintain a level playing field. With the different benefits of ISO certification for companies, you may be wondering whether an individual can be ISO certified.

Are there Certifications for Individuals?

Only a company or organisation is eligible for ISO certification. However, there are a few certifications available for individuals. The first certification allows you to become a Lead Auditor, while the other certifications are meant for use within the individual’s company or organisation.

For an individual to be qualified as a lead auditor, they must complete an accredited training course. It is essential to note that the lead auditor course can only be delivered by an internationally accredited company body. This course allows you to work for a certification body to audit organisations’ compliance with ISO standards.

The other two individual certifications are suitable for employees who conduct internal audits and would like to add more skills to their portfolios. The main difference between the Lead Auditor course and the individual courses is that you don’t have to take a compliance examination to pass these courses. The first is the internal auditor course, while the other comprises a series of training sessions built to help the individual gain in-depth knowledge about ISO processes.

These courses can help individuals better understand the ISO standards and enhance their CVs. The best thing is that you can complete the courses within a few days. It is always advisable to ensure you get the training from an internationally accredited certification body to achieve the courses’ maximum benefits.

Can an Individual be ISO Certified | Best Practice Blog

Comparison between ISO Certification for Companies & Individuals

The certification for a company involves meeting standard requirements and then having an external audit done by an independent ISO certification body. The external audit should verify that the company or organisation has met the requirements of the ISO standard. This targets consistency, quality of products and services, and customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, individuals have to take a training course to get certified. For instance, if you want to obtain an ISO 9001 Lead Auditor certificate, you must take the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Training course. This course entails attending training sessions and passing a test. The examination results reveal your understanding of auditing or implementing ISO 9001:2015 in your organisation.

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