Can Iso Certification Be Suspended or Withdrawn

The logic behind ISO certification is to inspire confidence in the interested parties and the general public that an organisation fulfils the specified operational requirements. Being ISO certified simply means that you meet all the certification requirements, including the effectiveness of the procedures in the surveillance audits.

However, the certification process isn’t always straightforward, and organisations may miss a few pointers that could lead to suspension or withdrawal of certification. There are many scenarios that can result in these actions. Basically, your certification body has the authority to revoke certification in instances whereupon reviewing the audit and verification reports, it arrives at a conclusion that:

  • The certified management system has consistently or seriously failed to meet the certification requirements.
  • The certified client becomes the subject of bankruptcy laws, goes into liquidation or receivership or is charged for breaking the law.
  • The client rejects surveillance audits or recertification audits to be completed at the required frequencies or before the expiry of their certification.
  • The certified client breaches the terms of the contract; for example, they fail to pay the audit fees.
  • The client fails to close major nonconformities within the set time.
  • The client has persistently failed to maintain the approved quality management system.
  • The client voluntarily requested to suspend certification.

When certification has been suspended, the client must implement corrective measures to prevent the cause of the suspension within the specified time. The client is also prohibited from conducting business transactions using the certification during the period of suspension. Thus, the client should discontinue using any promotional materials, including logos that refer to the suspended certificate.

The maximum time limit for the suspension of certification may not exceed six months unless the extension is justifiable. In this case, the certificate may be withdrawn.

ISO Certification Withdrawal

Withdrawal of certification occurs if the certified client fails to address the cause and reasons for certificate suspension. This means the client must inform customers about the withdrawal of the certification.

Meanwhile, the client should discontinue the use of promotional items and certification marks referring to the withdrawn certificate. They should also not conduct business transactions based on the certification.

Reduction of Scope

The certification body can also decide to decrease the client’s scope of certification to remove the aspects not fulfilling the requirements. These exclusions will be in line with the requirements of the certified standard.

The certification body is mandated to decide on certificate withdrawal or reduction of the scope, and detailed documentation will be retained. What’s more, the certificate documents must be updated to reflect the new changes.

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