Can Video Resumes Help Get you Hired?

Video resumes should be submitted in conjunction with a written CV. The chance to demonstrate your personality along with your achievements could help you get hired. However, videos can hinder your chances based on unethical recruitment and lead to bias or discrimination. 

What is a video resume?

A video resume is a short video created by a candidate applying for a certain role. The video is uploaded with the job application. The video is a tool to show your personality to the recruiter, so avoid just repeating what they can read and tell your story. 

A concise, to the point video is ideal – aim for the video to fall between 45 and 90 seconds. 

Consider the format of the video, clarity, editing and file size to ensure the file can be viewed by recruiters with ease. 

Your Hiring Strategy Just Got Easier – Best Practice Talent

The benefits of a video resume:

A recent survey from LinkedIn of about 2,000 adult job seekers in the U.S. found that 62% of them believed sharing more about themselves on video would help them get a job. More than half would be excited to share a video talking about themselves and their goals with recruiters and hiring managers.

  • Show off your indefinable quality and leave an impression on the recruiter
  • Convey strengths difficult to demonstrate on a written CV; communication, humor and charisma for example

Make sure the video resume format aligns with the company culture you are applying for. Be serious when you need to and lighthearted if you can. 

Here is an example of a great video resume that keeps the viewer intrigued, shows off the applicants creative skills and demonstrates his eagerness for a creative role.

Kristiyan Despodov Video Resume

The disadvantages:

Video resumes put a “face” to an application and can cause bias or discrimination to the applicant (ageism, sexiusm, racism).

To avoid this risk, video resumes don’t have to include images or videos of yourself. As shown in the example above, the video can be a compilation of images with a voice over or a demonstration of skills.

As shown in this LinkedIn survey, people are still more comfortable applying for jobs through written resumes over video resumes.

As companies move online during the pandemic, video interviews and video calls became normal practice. As a result, video resumes are more accepted in society, however many candidates are hesitant about the process. 

If you feel comfortable with the process, video resumes, when done well, can be what separates you from other candidates and helps the recruiter remember your application.

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