Canada to Build Solar Farm the Size of 300 Football Fields

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The city of Edmonton, Canada has announced plans to build the world’s largest airport solar farm, big enough to power more than 28,000 homes. 

The plans outlined put the solar farm next to Edmonton’s international airport, which would power the airport, as well as surrounding homes with renewable energy. 

The solar farm would use 340,000 solar panels, and produce around 200,000 MWh of green electricity each year. The company responsible for the plans says this is the equivalent of taking 106,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide out of the earth’s atmosphere. 

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European company, Alpin Sun has worked alongside the airport’s management, and has submitted their proposal to the government. They say the project will bring in more than $169 million in foreign investment to the region. 

If their initial plan goes ahead, Airport City Solar would transform empty fields to the west of the airport into a 627-acre, 120-megawatt solar farm. 

Alpin Sun says the project will initially employ 120 workers in the first twelve-months, but will be nearly doubled to 250 workers during peak construction. 

Myron Keehn, vice-president of commercial development and air service at EIA has said that “it’s a great opportunity to drive economic development as well as be better for the environment.” 

“We’re really excited that [Alpin Sun] has chosen Edmonton and the airport to do it. It’s a great location. We’ve got lots of land, we’re geographically located north, which is great for us, because it allows us to have great hours of sunlight.” 

“As everyone knows in Edmonton, you can golf early in the morning or golf late at night in the summertime here. And in wintertime, it’s great, because of the snow, and the reflective sunlight off the snow that creates power as well.” 

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