Does ISO 9001 Certification Make You More Profitable?

Does ISO 9001 Certification Make You More Profitable?

Does ISO 9001 certification make you and your organisation more profitable? That’s the notion we’re going to be unpacking today.

ISO 9001 certification can be one of the most profound management strategies you’ll introduce to your operations. As you’ll no doubt be aware, there are more competitors in the market than ever before, and competition between them is fierce. With a Quality Management System like ISO 9001, your organisation is given the tools it needs to separate itself from the pack and exceed customer expectations with its deliverables. 

The speed in which the business world moves can be difficult to keep up, particularly if you’ve experienced sizable growth and haven’t updated your business plan to accommodate the rate of your organisation’s scaling up. As we grow, for a number of reasons – be it limited resources, onboarding new staff, or stakeholder commitments – we can neglect the importance of our core offering, and upset customers as we grow. A system like ISO 9001 ensures that as you grow, you remain committed to the highest standards of your product or services, avoiding the potential of upsetting your customers at all costs. 

In a technologically driven world, one bad review can create distrust and a lack of confidence from your customers, and potentially spark a negative cycle within the organisation. ISO 9001 certification ensures that your organisation remains proactive when it comes to responding to customer demands and concerns, while maintaining a high level of customer service and the quality of your end deliverable. 

Conducting business in the modern age means your organisation is playing a high-stakes game, and should be looking to invest in a system that encourages you to experiment, innovate and grow in-line with a management plan that is committed to exceeding your customer’s expectations. These new-found opportunities for improvement, as well as the all-important need to conduct risk assessments within your operations mean that your organisation can become more efficient, deliver a higher quality end deliverable and even become more profitable as you move into the future. 

All your organisation needs to do is make the plunge, and begin the process of being certified to ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems. 


What is ISO 9001? 

ISO 9001 is a class-leading international management system designed to make your organisation consolidate the quality of your products and services while identifying areas of improvement and opportunities moving into the future. It’s an international and class-leading framework designed to be tailor-fitted to an organisation’s operations and act as a business plan that maintains the quality of your products or services, the promises you’re making to customers and allows you to experiment with new ways of operating.

ISO 9001’s framework is a systematic approach to business management, and improvement, in line with the quality management principles. It sets out an internationally-recognised framework that your organisation can be certified to that proves to  customers, regulators, suppliers and competitors alike that your organisation is committed to systematic improvement. ISO 9001 is a systematic approach to ensuring your organisation is structured in a way that allows you to improve each day, and ensure the quality of your products or services continues to exceed the expectations of your customers. 

This is achieved through the application of a quality management system framework, that asks your organisation to implement and adapt specifically to your operations. Think of it as a high-level business plan that gives you support in terms of the major pillars of your organisation, and structures them in a way that ensures whichever direction your organisation moves, it is making decisions in the best interest of key stakeholders that can be measured for their effectiveness.

What are the Benefits of Being Certified to ISO 9001? 

Certification to a quality management system like ISO 9001 is extremely important due to the simple fact that it’s an internationally-recognised standard that ensures your organisation is making every possible effort to improve itself day after day. While some companies might make this claim, with ISO 9001 certification, you’ll be able to provide evidence of these improvements. When your quality management system is implemented, a certification body like Best Practice steps in to verify you’ve followed the intent of the standard, and you’ve made a series of changes that ensures a high level of customer satisfaction. 

Depending on your industry or operations, certification to a system like ISO 9001 might actually be a legal requirement, as large scale and government tenders are often reserved for companies that can provide evidence of their internal high-level management and quality assurance policies.

Does ISO 9001 Certification Make You More Profitable?
  • You’ll be eligible to work on larger, more lucrative projects reserved for companies with a quality management system in place 
  • Retain customer trust by consistently delivering on promises and exceeding expectations
  • More impactful decision making in strategy meetings
  • You’ll gain a more comprehensive understanding of your operations
  • You’ll address risks in your operations, and identify lucrative opportunities in which your organisation can capitalise on
  • Inspire consumer and stakeholder confidence in your ability to plan for the future
  • Instill a sense of accountability within the organisation
  • Inspire staff with a purposeful mission statement that creates organisational buy-in
  • Overcome regulatory barriers
  • More informed decision making in-line with risk-based thinking and the plan-do-check-act cycle of improvement

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Does ISO 9001 Certification Make You More Profitable? 

One of the biggest challenges in business is scaling your operations while ensuring the quality of your products of services, or the customer service never slips. Time and again, organisations falter at this step of their journey. With an ISO 9001 Quality Management System, you’re able to implement high level business processes, guided by the quality management principles to ensure you’re committed to continual improvement and customer satisfaction. 

The process of Implementing and being certified to a Quality Management System enables a number of opportunities to make your organisation more profitable. One of the biggest misconceptions is that the simple act of implementing your ISO 9001 system will make your organisation profitable… This is not true. The process does, however, open up doors in your organisation that might not have been opened up before – allowing you to capitalise on new-found opportunities for a more profitable future. It can also prove the difference between your organisation being eligible for large-scale and government contracts that are reserved for organisations with an international management system like ISO 9001, 45001, 14001 or 27001. 

As you implement your ISO 9001 Quality Management System, you’ll be asked to take a close look at your operations and identify areas of wasted resources, needlessly time-consuming practices and opportunities to essentially trim the fat off your organisation. This process can identify areas of your business that are consuming far too much in the way of time and money, analysing their return on your investment and allowing you to make a more informed choice about how you operate. Your high level strategic meetings with the management team will become more informed and pointed, and the entire team will benefit from this clear assessment of your vision, and the roadmap of how you’ll get there. 

You can eliminate needless spending, while streamlining other aspects of your organisation on your journey to continual improvement. 

If we look even closer at the question of whether or not an ISO 9001 Quality Management System can make your organisation more profitable, it’s hard to deny the impact of risk-based thinking as you move into the future. Businesses can be disrupted by market forces, consumer demand and your competitors in the blink of an eye, and this is what ISO 9001 encourages you to both anticipate and plan for. A risk-based thinking approach to your organisation’s core operations means that your organisation can plan for these, mitigate their impact and even capitalise on a new-found opportunity for business growth or improvement. 

The culmination of the quality management principles, risk-based thinking, improved strategy in your high level management sessions, as well as the assurance to your customers that the quality of your products and services will never dip are just a few of the ways in which an ISO 9001 system can make your organisation more profitable. 

If you would like any more information on how an ISO 9001 – Quality Management System – can make profound changes in your organisation, click here to arrange a chat. Best Practice is a JAS-ANZ accredited Certification Body that is committed to helping you on your journey toward continual improvement, and assuring customer satisfaction and confidence in your organisation. 

How to Get Certified to ISO 9001 

If you would like more information on how to get certified, we’d be happy to arrange a call to talk about your options. Alternatively, if you’d like an obligation-free way to see the ways in which a Quality Management System can help improve your operations, click here for your Free ISO 9001 Gap Analysis Checklist.

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