How much does it cost to get ISO 27001 certified?

How much does it cost to get ISO 27001 certified?

Unfortunately, there’s no real fixed cost and no set price as such.

There is no table to refer to that states the organization has this and it’s gonna cost you x amount of dollars.

Although there is no set or fixed price, the cost will vary depending on the size of the organization, the number of employees, geographic location, and scope. We have to determine if it is going to apply to the entire organization or just a particular part of the organization. That’s another important part of that ISMS and ISO 27001 standard, it doesn’t necessarily have to apply to the entire organization.

The organization has to define where it’s applicable. It may be applicable to your data center but it might not be applicable to your HR department or it might be applicable to both. Those are the sort of factors that determine the cost.

Having said that, a certification body like Best Practice has competent Business Development Managers who have the capabilities to understand the nature of your business, the size, and complexity of your business. They will be able to produce you a quote for the entire process for Stage 1 and Stage 2.

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