How To Become A Better Leader


Whether it be a fast-food restaurant or an ASX listed company, a managers’ responsibilities spread far further than just directing and maintaining daily operations. A positive leader aims to enhance productivity and efficiency whilst constantly developing their staff. At Best Practice, we view management improvement as an improvement to all aspects of a business.

Often we hear managers discussing their inability to find suitable people to improve their business, or their failure to draw positive attributes out of existing staff. However, at Best Practice, we believe one of the best ways to improve a business’s efficiency and morale requires the manager – or managers – to look at themselves, rather than the staff. They can then determine ways to extract these attributes from their staff.

Whilst seeking to expose desirable attributes of your staff is a key part of efficiency and confidence in business, simultaneously, it is important for you – the manager – to look at what values and attributes your staff may be looking for in you – putting yourself in your staff’s shoes.

This is where the challenge lies: asking yourself what are my ideals, what skills do my staff require from me, and am I providing my staff with these attributes? Essentially conducting a self-audit of what is required by you.

Below is a list of suggested attributes that a successful professional and manager may possess:

Once you have noted what you expect, what you want from your staff and the attributes you want to see, then say right, if I was the ideal staff member what would I expect in my leader.

What are the attributes I want to see my manager portray? Once you can answer this question you have your list of goals and ‘To Do’s that you need to employ in order to enhance efficiency and productivity in your business.

Essentially, you are trying to become a better leader by understanding your team’s expectations and requirements of you.

If you are a business owner, team leader, manager, or are aspiring to grow your career, we recommend taking a step back to the basics and reading our article, ‘how to be a leader‘. These tips will help you transform how you engage with your staff to demonstrate strong leadership skills.

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