How to Plan an Audit in the ISO 45001 Standard

Obtaining ISO certifications is a great step for any company towards building reliable processes and establishing a reputation as a company. These internationally known sets of standards are dedicated to drawing guidelines for the various types of activities any company has, such as quality control, information data security, environmental responsibility, and so on. 

We take a look at the world of ISO standards, what they can do for your company and how to plan an audit in the ISO 45001 Standard.

What is ISO 45001 Certification?

One of the most known international sets of standards is the ISO 9001, but the International Organisation of Standardisation has released numerous other sets of standards. 

The ISO 45001 standard refers to the occupational health and safety management system (OHS) within a company. This is one of the most important certifications in industries where work-related accidents have a big incidence or are usually serious, as it protects workers’ lives. 

But organisations of all sizes and types can benefit from such certification that will certainly strengthen the trust that both employees and customers have in the ability of the company to protect its workers. 

ISO 45001 Certification Process

The ISO 45001:2018 certification process is intended to get your OH&S management system where it’s supposed to be and to fulfill its purpose: to keep the workers in your company safe and healthy. 

Because ISO certifications involve being audited regularly and submitting your OH&S plan for a detailed evaluation every 3 years, it also fulfills the task of monitoring the continuous improvement of your OHS system. 

In order to get your ISO 45001 certification, you have to prepare for internal and external audits. Here is an audit checklist for getting you started. 

How to Plan an Audit in the ISO 45001 Standard | Best Practice blog

Run an Internal Audit

When running internal audits, there are some practices that will ensure the success and accuracy of this process. Selecting an internal auditor should be done by taking their authority and expertise within the company so that every auditee will collaborate with maximum involvement. 

When you plan an audit in the ISO 45001 standard, determine what it is you want to find about your OH&S management system, and develop a report sheet containing relevant information about the treated subject. 

When it comes to getting the ISO 45001 certification, your internal audit process should tell you if your company is ready to be audited by an external body and achieve the certification. 

If your audit findings are not satisfactory, it’s important to implement corrective actions, such as training programs if the employees are not aware of the safety and health regulations. 

Just as an external auditor would be willing to get back and re-evaluate your company after corrective actions have been taken, you should also repeat the process and compare the new findings with the previous audit. 

Once the results are satisfactory, you can choose a certification body and schedule an external audit for your company. 

Prepare for an External Audit

The best way to prepare for an external audit that can get you your ISO 45001 certification is to have your employees ready for it, as they provide the most valuable evidence to the auditor. Let your staff know when the audit takes place and encourage them to respond in an open and sincere way. 

Your employees don’t have to memorise the health and safety protocols, but they do have to know how to find the needed information. Make sure you have a system that allows them to easily access the health & safety information and contact the responsible persons directly. 

Check that everything around your company works properly and show that you have a regular system of monitoring the state of your machinery, of the cleanliness of the premises, and so on. 

If you, as a business owner, are not available for giving the auditor a tour, designate a person responsible for that. Choose someone who knows your processes very well, and is aware of the details in your OH&S management system. 

Look for an Experienced Certification Body

Before you start the audit and certification process, it’s recommended to get in touch with a representative of a certification body. Best Practice Biz helps companies in Sydney, across Australia, and all over the world to prepare for the process, and gives them the ISO certifications they request. 

Each company going through this process observes clear improvements in achieving their OH&S objectives, like identifying risks and taking corrective actions in time. 

Get in touch with us now. 

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