How to Write a Resignation Letter

Whilst each person’s reasons for resigning may differ, the intention remains the same; to inform their current employer of their intention to terminate their employment agreement. In this article, we cover the essential inclusions for writing a resignation letter.

Although it’s not a legal requirement, most employers utilise the document as part of their exit process, as it acts as proof that you’re voluntarily terminating your employment with them. As a result, the letter should be professional, informal and help to maintain a positive relationship with your employer and manager. 

The goal of a resignation letter is to provide details about the employee’s last day and outline any next steps. Keep it short, stick to the point & be nice about it.

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What to include in the letter:

  • Offer to help. Despite the resignation from your position, make it clear that you are willing to offer support during the handover. This could include preparing information about key accounts or contacts as well as highlighting important dates for certain tasks to be completed. Alternatively, you could offer to assist with finding and training your replacement.
  • Express gratitude & appreciation (but don’t go overboard because of guilt.) When you address your manager, express genuine gratitude for the opportunity to learn and develop professionally under their guidance. Pay attention to some of the key aspects of the role that you’ve enjoyed and focus on the positive experiences.
  • Leave out any criticism, even if it’s constructive. If you have something to get off your chest that you feel could help the organisation, then raise this in your exit interview rather than in written form.
  • Be personal and professional. When handing in your notice, it’s best practice to print your letter and give a hard copy to your manager. You can then follow this up with a digital copy, which can be passed on to the Human Resources department if needed. 

When done correctly, a well-written resignation letter can maintain the relationships you’ve built in your time at a workplace, and pave the way for a great recommendation.

Check out this free resignation letter template to help you! (

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