How You Can Be ‘Forever Employable’

How To Be ‘Forever Employable’ with 5 Simple Steps. 

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that you can never be too prepared when it comes to the unexpected. Even the most robust companies – and their employees – were taken aback by the unprecedented shock of the pandemic, which has left far too many people either underemployed or looking for work.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a series of tips that can help give you the equipment and mentality necessary to be forever employable, offering a sharp skill set to any current or future employee that you work with.

Adapt To Your Environment

Adapt to the current environment, stay relevant and become an active learner; If you’re looking to be ‘forever employable’ NOW is the time for you to take action! 


Become An Active Learner

Furthermore, if you are seeking a chance to reinvent your career or perhaps re-enter the workforce you need to ensure that you’re actively learning. Online educational platforms such as Linkedln Learning and Coursera provide easily accessible and high-quality courses that support the development of your creative, business and technological skills. 

Believe In Yourself And Have Integrity

Moreover, as cheesy as it may sound, to be ‘forever employable’ you need to believe in yourself and have integrity. There’s nothing more attractive than a positive person who radiates happiness. Employers are selective in who they bring into their work environment, a healthy work environment preserves the teams’ morale and productivity.


Network, Network, Network; you never know when your next encounter provides you with an opportunity or valuable knowledge. For this reason, you need to interact with different people, exchange details and share ideas. Get involved with Linkedln Groups, local business networking groups and even extra-curricular activities online and offline!

Be Persistent And Do Your Research!

Be persistent; don’t let opportunity knock on your door, target your desired job role and/or business you’d like to work for and reach out. 

It’s a job to get a job! Send an email and call the business but most importantly, think about how you can do things differently to stand out.   

Finally, do your research! You need to be a ‘class A’ stalker- follow the desired business’s social media accounts, check out their website, look at everybody’s Linkedln profiles and listen to their podcasts. In addition, understand how you can add value to their business. You need to show empathy towards the employer, they are investing in YOU so how can you support them and ensure a mutually beneficial relationship? 

In summary, the 5 steps for you to be ‘forever employable’ are…
  1. Adapt to your environment
  2. Become an active learner 
  3. Believe in yourself and have integrity
  4. Network 
  5. Be persistent and do your research

Now that you have the opportunity- take it! 

For more information on how to “Nail Your Next Interview” join Kobi Simmat, the CEO of BestPractice.Biz as he talks about insider tips from experts.

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