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If you’re a leader and could utilise the benefit of having a tool to navigate adversity with the adaptability of a Swiss Army Knife, then Best Practice Talent’s multi-purpose people ‘assessment and engagement tool’ will surely be useful to you.

As a leader, you might be facing hard decisions, or coming up against challenges every day such as:

  • How can I understand my team capabilities?
  • How do I restructure my teams – what data can I use to assist me?
  • How do I move forward with new projects with a reduced or stretched team?
  • How can I engage with my team on a personalised level?
  • How do I know if my new hire is likely to be a top performer?

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Addressing the needs of today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow requires effective decision making, allocating resources to the most pressing needs, decisive action, and thinking ahead to build a brighter future. 

‘PXT Select’ is a one-off Online Assessment. It takes approximately 1 hour, and is adaptive and customised to each person with the ability to access 13 data-driven reports to give you some support and clarity. The report will help you: 

  • Assess your Team Capabilities – who might be the person in your team to take on that extra project -‘Team SWOT analysis’
  • Assess a person’s capabilities -‘Individual SWOT analysis’
  • Assess compatibility against a specific job(s) -able to test against a library of jobs 
  • Assess a person’s thinking style (how they absorb and interpret information)
  • Assess individual interests of an individual – great for identifying motivators
  • Create customised interviewing questions for each interview with engaging, personalised interviews
  • Benchmark and replicate top performers in your team

At Best Practice, we utilise PXT Select for our own team throughout our hiring process, onboarding and ongoing coaching to support our understanding and give us insight into the best way to engage our people.

Best Practice Talent includes PXT Select Assessments of short-listed candidates in the recruitment services for our clients during the facilitation of their hiring processes, which can be used for up to 30% of the decision making process. This helps you back up what you might already be thinking… with data.

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