Is Fear Getting in the Way of Your Business Growth?

Is Fear Getting in the Way of Your Business Growth?

Is self-doubt, fear, and insecurity getting in the way of your business growth?

 I’m sure every entrepreneur, leader and business owner has spent countless nights wondering what it is going to take for their business to finally break through into the success they dream of.

You’ve got a great business plan, sales & marketing plan, strategic plan, vision and mission statements. You know that your products and services are a quality offering to your target market… Yet, success still eludes you.

Are you getting in your own way?

 At some point in your business journey, it becomes crystal clear that a quality personal development plan becomes the MOST important thing for future growth. Without a doubt, personal insecurity is the biggest inhibitor of business growth for solo entrepreneurs, team leaders/managers and small business owners. Therefore, until you solve the insecurity problem, it is impossible to achieve your true potential and experience the success you desire.


When it comes to business growth, unresolved insecurity shows up as one or more of these 5 business killers: 

  1. Lack of assertiveness/certainty – Your ability to say yes and no at the appropriate time is compromised. You show up on the back foot, and there is no certainty in the way you lead yourself and others. You have a weak presence that repels your ideal clients. This leads to self-sabotage, poor leadership and missed opportunities.
  1. Undervaluing your products and services – You settle for less than you are worth. You show up needy and desperate. You end up selling to those who can’t afford you; which are not your ideal clients. This leads to you attracting the wrong clients, undervaluing your time and skills and therefore, struggling to sell.
  1. Unrealised potential – You know that you have a mountain of value, but you just can’t back yourself enough to communicate that to the market. You constantly watch your competitors with fewer skills, experience and quality, do better than you. This leads to a sense of injustice and jealousy as you watch yourself falling behind your competitors.
  1. Motivation gone missing – Procrastination, exhaustion, sickness, self-sabotage. It’s almost like part of you is working against your own success. The important stuff just never gets done. This leads to avoidance, procrastination, feeling tired/sick/lazy and fighting against yourself to do better.
  1. Speed drop – Everything has slowed down. Meetings, decisions, improvements, problem solving, and asset development can all take ages! It’s like you’re driving the car with the handbrake on. This leads to constant bottlenecks, inefficiencies, mistakes and poor execution.

It is likely that your business and marketing plans are fine. It’s your ability to be the kind of person that can execute them effectively without getting in your own way that is the real issue.

Alternatively, when you solve the insecurity problem and are unhindered by self-doubt, limiting beliefs and the fear of not being good enough you are then free to show up at your best where it matters most.

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Being secure looks like this:

  • Certainty/Assertiveness. Assertiveness is the fruit of security. It’s an environment in which you are free to respond appropriately in real time without fear of offending or being misunderstood. No one in your world gets away with treating you poorly any more, because you don’t need anything from them, so to tolerate less than you deserve simply makes no sense.
  • Profitability – Money is the reward you get for accurately understanding your value, and your ‘why’; the driving force behind your strengths. Your relationship with money becomes happy and abundant as a clear reflection of your relationship with yourself.
  • Realised potential- Until you solve the insecurity problem, it is impossible to realise your potential simply because it is far too dangerous to fully show up to life in case you get found out as somehow inadequate. However, when you work out how to fill your own cup as an adult, then you are truly able to give yourself entirely to your work with nothing to prove or defend. This is when your true gift emerges, and you discover what you are actually capable of.
  • Unlimited energy and motivation. Self-permission is far superior to self-discipline as a source of motivation and drive. This allows you to work with yourself rather than against yourself and utilise all your best internal resources towards growth progress and success.
  • Efficiency, effectiveness and optimisation. Things work properly. You no longer need to sabotage your own performance and the handbrake has been removed. Therefore, you are now free to do your best work without getting in your own way.

Thanks very much for your time, I’ll see you in the next piece.

Go well,

Nick Fagan, Next Practice Education

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