Norway’s Parliament Hit by “Significant Cyber Attack”

Norway’s Parliament Hit by “Significant Cyber Attack”

Norway has announced that its parliament – the Storting – has been hit by a “significant cyber attack,” according to the Norweigan parliamentary director. 

Marianne Andreassen, director of Norway’s parliament has confirmed the successful cyber attack, stating that “this has been a significant attack,” on the parliament. It’s suspected that the email accounts of high-ranking government and opposition parties were compromised by outside actors. 

It comes after the governments of Germany and Australia have reported similar breaches of their parliamentary systems, as outside actors look to compromise sensitive information. 

The parliament reportedly identified a number of “anomalies a little more than a week ago,” she said, adding that “a number of risk-reducing immediate measures were implemented to stop the attack.”

“These measures had an immediate effect,” Andreassen said. 

She continued to explain that “we take the matter very seriously,” adding that “we have given full attention to analysing the situation to get an overall picture of the incident and the potential extent of the damage.” 

She concluded by stating that “we don’t know who’s behind it.”

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Norway’s Parliament Hit by “Significant Cyber Attack”

The parliamentary director says that those impacted by the breach have been notified, and have filed reports with the police and Norway’s National Security Agency (NSA) for a full investigation as to the origins and scope of the cyber attack. 

The breach was addressed in a statement from the Storting, who says that hackers were able to compromise an unknown amount of information. 

“Burglary has been registered in the email accounts of a small number of parliamentary representatives and employees,” the statement reads, “our analyses show that different amounts of data have been downloaded.” 

Trond Oevstedal, a spokesperson for the Norweigan NSA has said that “we have been involved for a few years,” adding that “we are assisting parliament with analysis and technical assistance.” 

A spokesperson for the opposition Labour Party has said that the cyber attack hit a number of its MPs, as well as their staff. 

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