Smartphone Sales Down 20% Amid Pandemic

Smartphone Sales Down 20% Amid Pandemic

A new report has said that smartphone sales are down more than 20% amid the economic shocks of the pandemic hitting a range of non-essential goods.

The numbers come from Gartner who published its latest report detailing a 20% decline in global sales of smartphones; a useful indicator of personal spending amid the pandemic. 

In total, 295 million smartphones were sold around the globe, representing a 20.4% drop in the second quarter of 2020. 

Apple managed to buck the trend, and while it saw no growth in its sales, iPhone units sold around the world dropped by a mere 0.4%.  


Amongst the largest smartphone manufacturers, Samsung saw a 27.1% drop in sales, while Huawei’s sales dropped by 6.8%. Xiaomi and Oppo, two of China’s largest manufacturers saw a drop in sales of 21.5% and 15.9% a piece.

In spite of the drop, Samsung retained the title of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer with a 20.3% market share. 

Anshul Gupta, senior research director at Gartner has said that “the COVID-19 pandemic continued to negatively affect Samsung’s performance int he second quarter of 2020…demand for its flagship S Series smartphones did little to revive its smartphone sales globally.” 

 Gupta continued to explain that “the improved situation in China saw demand recovering quarter-over-quarter.” 

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Smartphone Sales Down 20% as COVID Hits Manufacturers

While China’s demand has recovered, overall smartphone sales in China have dropped by 7% in the second quarter of 2020. India has reported one of the sharpest declines on record, with a reported 46% decline in the number of smartphones sold. 

“Travel restrictions, retail closures and more prudent spending on nonessential products during the pandemic led to the second consecutive quarterly decline in smartphone sales this year,” Gupta added. 

Gartner’s research vice president, Annette Zimmermann has said that “Apple’s iPhone sales fared better in the quarter than most smartphone vendors in the market and also grew sales quarter-over-quarter… the improved business environment in China helped Apple achieve growth in the country. In addition, the introduction of the new iPhone SE encouraged users of older phones to upgrade their smartphones,” she said. 

In respect to Chinese technology giant, Huawei, Mr Gupta said that “Huawei’s performance in China helped it avoid a worse quarterly performance.” 

“Huawei extends its lead in China where it captured 42.6% of China’s smartphone market in the second quarter of 2020. Huawei put in place an aggressive product introduction and sales promotion in China in particular, and benefited from string support of communications services providers for its 5G smartphones.” 

Smartphone Sales Down 20% as COVID Hits Manufacturers

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