Putting together a comprehensive employee handbook can be a time consuming process. Yet, it’s a crucial part of imparting your organisation’s mission and way of operating to all new staff that you bring on board. 

In the hope we can make this a more streamlined process, we’ve put together our Employee Handbook Template that you can use to tailor to your operations, and inform any new member of your team of the high-performing organisation that they’ve joined.

Working from home, while convenient can also raise a number of issues that can erode an organisation’s productivity, as well as the health and culture of its employees. 

That’s why we’ve designed a guide that focusses on how to maximise your productivity while you’re working remotely, but also to maintain your emotional state and motivation. It covers both the employer, and employee’s perspective, so management can keep the organisation moving, and employees can look out for each other- all from the comfort of home.

Our winning formula to recruitment has been designed to streamline the process, as well as alleviate a number of the most common pain points that employers face when looking for new members of the company.

Finding that person is only the beginning of the journey, but with this winning formula, you’ll have all the backing you need when it comes to finding, inducting and supporting those employees to start contributing to your organisation. 

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