What Is A Multiple Candidates Report?

Make the Right Choice Every Time, with the Multiple Candidates Report

Today, we’re going to be talking about the Multiple Candidates Report, and how you can make the right choice every time with the competitive edge you’ll gain with Best Practice Talent and our revolutionary PXT Select software. It’s absolutely essential that your organisation operates with its sharpest tools, and with the best possible individuals in middle and upper-level management positions to help inspire results from the rest of the team. So, what is a multiple candidates report?

What a Multiple Candidates Report does is help to create a framework that stacks up potential candidates for that executive role, and assesses them in-line with the organisation’s requirements specific to that role. 

Few, if any organisations can afford the cost of a bad hire, let alone in the executive team, so gathering any and all relevant data to identify the best candidate for that role is invaluable and often typical for success.

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We’ve talked previously about the importance of conducting a SWOT analysis on your team to obtain data-driven improvements across the board for the benefit of the organisation as a whole. What a Multiple Candidates Report does is take that analytical view one step further, comparing a range of scores from a range of different traits and behaviours in your team, and determines how likely they are to succeed in that potential role. 

Humans have inherent biases, and this can present a challenge when you’re looking to fill an executive position with the perfect candidate- not the most likeable. While someone might seem like the obvious choice, in reality, they might be unfit, unqualified or lacking in the key traits that leadership positions require; this is what the Multiple Candidates Report fixes. 

Make the Right Choice Every Time, with the Multiple Candidates Report

The report takes into account the candidate’s overall fit for the position, the range of performance model scores that are typically required for that role, as well as a comparison of that candidate’s results in line with the role’s requirements. In essence, a Multiple Candidates Stat Report takes the pain, guess-work and resource wastage out of assessing the perfect candidate for a position in your organisation. 

It’s a data-driven, unbiased and factual presentation of whom in your team is the perfect fit for that role.

While the report doesn’t touch on things like specific experience of skill sets of the individual in question, it’s extremely helpful when it comes to informing management discussions as to who might represent the most appropriate candidate. 

Take the guesswork out of the process so you and your team can focus on improving your organisation on a macro scale, rather than wasting time trying to solve the micro issues in your organisation. 

Get in contact with Best Practice Talent today to see how you can leverage PXT Select software to optimise your organisation’s recruiting and performance management policies. 

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Make the Right Choice Every Time, with the Multiple Candidates Report

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