What Is an ISO 9001 Quality Manual

A quality manual is a document that provides guidelines for a company to sustain the processes and requirements of their Quality Management Systems (QMS). Traditionally, all editions of ISO 9001 standards required a quality manual as the initial step in QMS.

The ISO 9001 quality manual covers all the aspects of the business that influence your ability to deliver quality products, meet ISO requirements, and fulfil customers’ demands.

What is the Purpose of the ISO Quality Manual?

This document serves as a guideline for your organisation’s operational processes and procedures. Any barrier within your business that hinders your ability to meet your customers’ requirements, match ISO requirements, and deliver top-quality products can be outlined in the manual.

The quality manual can also act as a guiding document for top leaders when they implement processes and will set specifications and boundaries they must follow.

Uses of a Quality Manual

To communicate top management’s expectations to workers.
Act as a measure for conformity to management’s expectation for customer audits, internal audits, and ISO Registrar audits.
To show an organisation’s plan to comply with the requirements of ISO 900:2015
It offers a starting point for auditors: either customer, internal or ISO certification body.

Contents of a Quality Manual

The contents of the quality manual differ from one organisation to another. Your quality manual is customised to your specific business needs – just remember that everything you do must be documented to show evidence that it was done. So make sure that the policies reflect actual practices. The common contents covered in quality manuals include:

  • The Scope Of Quality Management System – The scope of the quality manual sets the limits of the QMS system. It is based on the limit agreed upon with the registrar to be added to the ISO 9001 certificate. This provides a general overview of what product or service your company offers.
  • Quality policy – The policy states your organisation’s purpose, vision, strategic direction, and framework for quality objectives.
  • Organisational chart
  • Reference to operating procedures
  • An outline of the organisation’s documentation structure
  • Clear policy statements for individual ISO requirements

Benefits of Having an ISO 9001 Quality Manual

  • Documentation involves capturing or writing down procedures, flowcharts, forms, drawings, policies, and diagrams which is important for easy registration.
  • With a proper quality manual, companies can implement a successful QMS without a consultant.
  • It helps top leaders to lead their teams in a more efficient way.
  • Quality assurance manual aids in creating efficient processes to develop better QMS within an organisation.
  • It can help improve the quality and services of a company and lead a company to continuous improvement.

Learn More About Quality Manual with Best Practice Biz

If you’re interested in ISO 9001 certification, you may wonder if creating an ISO-quality manual is necessary. As you dig into the topic, you’ll notice that this document is an essential part of your QMS.

At Best Practice Biz, we can answer all the questions you might have and help you implement an ISO-compliant quality management system. Contact us today for further details about our ISO 9001 certification services.

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