Who Provides ISO Certification

You’d think that, certainly,  ISO will provide ISO certifications. No, this is a common misconception. The ISO certification is provided by external bodies. This can make your search in finding the best provider a little bit more tricky since there are so many fraudulent certification mills out there. The certification process can be a lengthy one because of the independent, non-governmental providers.

How Can I Make Sure That the ISO Register I Choose Is Compliant With All ISO’s Requirements?

Different ISO’s have different standards. For example, the ISO 9001 certification is different from the ISO 14001.There are a couple of things you should look at to be assured that your certification body or CB has an international organisation for standardisation.

Let’s Look at Some Helpful Tell-Tale Signs


Whatever company that delivers ISO certifications will have to certify ISO which means that they are compliant with all the ISO standards. You’ll have to do some research on what their accreditation is and compare it to the minimum standard which as of now is ISO/IEC 17021. This will make your ISO valid in the marketplace. Make sure that they’re at least ISO 9001 certified.


Looking at reviews, ratings, and testimonials can be a good start. Also, try to look on the most unbiased place. A platform like Reddit fares very well in this sort of thing or hellopeter because of its anonymity. If you trust a certain company you’ve already done business with, ask them for their referrals. International organisations may have good reputations because of their compliance to international standards.


Look under the companies’ product scroll-down list. If they have too many products that aren’t related to each other, then they’re in it to make quick cash, but if they have a few specialisations and they only have related products or services, they tend to be more trustworthy. If they specialise in this field, they’ll be widely knowledgeable on how to do internal audits, the standard ISO 9001 requirements, and accreditation bodies.

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Choose a provider that has the same values as you have. This won’t be a once-off purchase since recertification happens every three years. You’ll certainly want someone who is pleasant to do business with and has no communication barrier whatsoever. So I’d advise you to prioritise your company’s needs and choose a provider that reflects those needs. Make sure that the provider’s management systems standards and conformity assessments as well as their safety management systems are up to date.


Of course, everyone wants the most cost-efficient price, but you also want quality standards. So make sure you get value for your money by asking if the cost covers initial costs as well as the three-year certification and if any services are also included. Not all companies are very open about it, so it’s best to ask.


There are a lot of factors to consider when you’re searching for the right certification provider. For example, do they have the ISO 9001 2015 certification? You’ll have to fact-check the credibility of the institution by making sure their accreditation meets the minimum requirements and that they’re a legitimate company, not just another illegal mill. There certainly is a wrong way to go about it, so do your research well as you’ll have to use this service for the whole period of your business’s life span. Of course, costly doesn’t necessarily mean better, so don’t feel the need to use the most costly service you find, as it might just be highly unnecessary. So get your hands to your keyboard and start researching thoroughly! With all the above-mentioned tips in hand, you’ll do just fine.

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