IDENTITY THEFT- from a boarding pass posted on Instagram

We’ve got an interesting gentleman that we collaborate with who is called: ‘The points whisperer’. His name’s Steve Hui, and you can see him here… he’s absolutely amazing.

We’re bringing him to your attention this morning because of what is a really critical piece of information. Now, we all love holidays and that’s what Steve’s business is all about, but Steve’s giving us an incredible -and vital – warning.

That warning is: absolutely don’t post your boarding pass when you’re boarding a plane on Instagram!

Most organizations – and if you have a look at Steve’s article from where he’s talking about Delta Airlines – when airline companies give you your boarding pass, they put most of the information on that boarding pass. If you go right ahead because you’re excited and post a picture of that boarding pass on Instagram, you can potentially have your personal identity stolen.

You might be thinking, but how does this relate to my business or organization?

If you’re an organization that is holding onto sensitive customer information, you can use ISO 27001 to build your data security management system.

Here’s two points for you personally to be really careful about what you’re doing with your personal information on social media; particularly where you’ve got organizations that haven’t done a great job of protecting your data for you.

It’s safe to say that we can all be a little bit naive from an individual basis, but for the organizations that you guys work for out there, my second point is: you have to look after your customers, and that’s your responsibility because if you’ve got information that you put in one place, it can be misused and in this instance, Steve Hui’s article takes us through the process of hacking into somebody’s account using a boarding pass.

So be careful with your boarding passes, if you’re flying around, if you’re an airline, have a think about consolidating all that customers information and how that can be used against your customers.

So I’ll leave it with you, have a read of Steve’s great article this one’s coming out today is a word of warning or an alert for everybody out there who’s a traveller and it’s all about protecting your personal information.

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