ISO 9001:2015 How to allocate resources & policies

ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems are a great way to both build your organization and strengthen how you formulate your business plan. In this article, I’ll touch on how to allocate resources and policies in your organization, following the implementation of your ISO 9001 quality management systems.

ISO 9001 success factor number five is all about the allocation of resources, and the one thing that I think that is probably the most frustrating for most people in organizations is hearing the words: “We don’t have budget for that.”

So, critical success factor number 5 is about allocation and utilisation of resources and understanding money that’s invested, people, time or equipment, that they are utilised for a good return on that investment.

If you’re responsible for budget, or time, or you’ve got the ability to make autonomous decisions, it’s really critical in any organization to be ensuring that you are efficiently allocating resources and effectively. Effectively is the key word here, effectively allocating resources to improve levels of customer satisfaction, improve customer service and improve your customers ability to feel love, joy and surprise when they are engaging with your organisation.

Now success factor number six is the first time that I’ll introduce documents. The first time I will say it’s important for your policies; not necessarily a document, but if you have written policies, it’s very important to ensure that there’s a neat little match between the strategic direction or strategic plan for the organization, the business plan, and those policies, and when they miss-match, they’re incongruent and it gets confusing for everybody in the organization.

When your implementing an ISO 9001 quality management system, make sure you take time out to think about how to link your policies, and it’s all about linking your policies with your strategic direction of your organization.

Don’t get too caught up in developing lots and lots of documents, policies and procedures. If you want more detail in terms of how to look at ISO 9001 and go through and understand resource allocation and how that all works, our ISO 9001 Essentials Course takes you step by step through ISO 9001 and building, developing and maintaining your quality management system.


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