The Importance of Objectives & Targets

importance of objectives and targets

In the context of a business management system, objectives and targets are extremely important for the success of an organisation. One thing I forgot when we were running our organisation was the benefits of having everybody understand the goals and objectives of the business.

The ultimate goal is to have everyone in the business aware of the objectives, and excited and motivated about where these goals can take the business- when everyone is focused on them.

If I use a football team or a sporting team as an example, when the whole team has a common goal they will attend every training session, follow the coaching and nutritionist’s advice, and they will implement those things because everybody’s buying into that one goal, which is to win that match, their championship game. Think about your team and take that to your team. Ask “What does a championship win look like for us? How motivated are we to achieve it?”

Obviously, there’s going to be some members of the team that will not necessarily buy into this. This is the time when you really need to think about which members of your team you will take onto the “pitch” for your championship game. The people that are buying into this goal will work harder, more efficiently, suggest improvements, take advice, and implement all of the recommendations by the specialists that are helping the team, much the same as a championship football team.

If you think about the teams that have won the Super Bowl or Football World Cup, every single member had a common goal, did their best every single minute and they were world-class. Have a think about this and ask yourself if you have the right team on your pitch to achieve your objectives and targets.

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